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Interested in becoming part of the market team? We are always looking for great candidates to join our team. We offer full-time and seasonal staff positions, along with volunteer opportunities.

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Have an upcoming local show, performance, or fundraiser and think the Market is the perfect location. Email us today for inquiries.

Mailing Address

The Market office is not open to the public during the week. Our staff can be reached by email or onsite on any Sunday. 

We do not accept any snail mail on behalf of the market. Please email your application and paperwork via PDF's to our email HERE, or drop it off the market front desk in person on Sundays ONLY.

For mailing and deliveries, please email us for instructions.

Media Requests & Sponsorships

Seattle's favorite local hang out is the perfect place to with your audience and brand. With over 200 small businesses weekly, we welcome unique opportunities to partner with local organizations and companies interested showcasing our small business community. Average weekly attendance is 6,000-10,000 attendees over the course of the year, depending on the season and neighboring festivals.

Media Inquiries

Interested in writing a story or article on us or the Market? We'd love to hear from you to share more. Please put the attention of Ryan Reiter in contact form below.

Corporate Activations

The market aims to highlight small businesses and discourage corporate branding within our market in most cases. If you are interested in supporting our small business community through positive programming, then feel free to contact us.

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