Welcome to the Market Vendor Membership Guide. 

How Do I Become Member ?

Getting Started

First Time Joining Us? 

Membership is a privileged vendor status that registers your information on the Market data base and includes your City of Seattle Business License  and your UBI State License. The authorities periodically audit us to  ensure our regular members are in compliance and up to date. This system makes it easy for every one.

Try us first, without obligation.

You are welcome to come and try vending twice without becoming a member. You'll pay $10 dollars more than members, but you won't need to provide your City and State licenses at that time. This way you can see if the market is a fit for your purposes.

Membership Perks

 If you decide to use the market on a regular basis you must become a member after two visits, to continue. Membership  is $65 admin fee per calendar year. 

Membership offers you these valuable perks;

  • Priority Booth Selection in the morning
  • Reservation your Space
  • Weekly Booth Discount price (save $10) 
  • Two-for-one spaces in winter
  • Extra Smiles
  • Newsletter updates
  • Special event vendor pricing
  • Payment by check or card

First time vendors can become a member their first day and receive full membership and privileges instantly.  

City Business License and UBI are required. Prepared Food applicants have a different member process. Please inquire in person about jurying your food concept with us first.



How Do I Get to the Market?

The office for Fremont Sunday Market is located at the corner of 3410 Evanston Ave North and North 34th street ( 98103) The Front desk is located next to the cash machine at the entrance to the parking garage of the Red Door Ale House across from the PCC Market.

Just Show Up and Sign In 

We have enough space that new vendors can go to the  Market Desk between 7:00 am and 8:15 and sign-in on the Non-Member sign-in sheet provided.

Member's  space assignments begin at 7:15.

Non-member space selection begins an hour later.  At 8:15 the Desk Manager will call names from the sheet and assign spaces based on the sign-in order of arrival.

Where Do I Park on Arrival?  

If you are arriving for the first time, please DO NOT park on 34th Street, as you may be mistakenly towed or parked in a fellow vendors spot.

Please park outside the market until you receive a space. Once you have booth space, the market provides free adjacent  parking off-site. 

All vendors are required to use the free vendor parking. No Parking on surrounding public streets in order to comply with our goodwill neighborhood restrictions. Street parking occupies a space for a whole day which defeats customer access and convenience. Fines apply for non-compliance.

Market Hours 

Market Public Hours 

The market hours change to accommodate  daylight savings.

  • April - October | Open 10:00 - 5:00PM 
  • Nov - March | Open   10:00 - 4:00PM

Front Desk Vendor Hours

The Market Front Desk is open from 7:00am - 12:00am every Sunday. 

The Desk is closed from 12-2pm  and reopens at 2:00pm until one hour before closing.

  • 7:00AM  - 12:00PM
  • 12:00 - 2:00PM
  • 2:00 - 4:00PM

Vendor transactions and reservations must be concluded before one hour before closing.

The Market DOES NOT have a weekday office or an online reservation system at this time. We're strictly a day-of-Market operation.

Members can access a voicemail message line if they are unable to attend their reserved space: 206-853-4726


*This number is not for speaking with a live person or requesting information.



Our Mission

Our aim is to provide an accessible community marketplace for anyone who wants to sell their goods and try their ideas. 


The Fremont Sunday Market is an open market place that does not have a jury vendor merchandise, except for prepared foods. We do from time to time limit certain items. Certain catagories are prohibited:

  • No Drugs, including Cannabis Products until further notice.
  • Weapons
  • Pornography
  • No Sales of Pets 
  • Stolen / Illegal Merchandise
  • Multi-Level Enterprises
  • No Legal Services
  • Franchise Operations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Professional Services ( real-estate etc.)
  • Dollar store items and brand merchandise is discouraged.

For more information or inquiries regarding the acceptability of your products or services if you think you might fall into a grey area,m please contact us by oleana (at) fremontmarket.com