Welcome to the Vendor FAQ's. 

Seattle's largest, affordable market place is open year round. Join us today.

If you want to just try the market a few times, it's as simple as showing up ready to vend on  the day you want to sell.  Sign up at the front desk starting at 7:00 am when the sign-in sheet comes out.  Fill out the Vendor Liability Waiver while you're waiting to speed things up. Please see our "Selling Policy"  section below to check that your products are eligible to sell at the market.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people succeed and make the experience here fun and rewarding for all. We ask for your understanding, cooperation and comments as the markets continue to grow, change and evolve.

Operating Hours to the Public | 10-4PM NOW YEAR ROUND

  • New Hours Year Round: 10:00 - 4:00pm, Rain or Shine

2019 Vendor Fees*

Every space outdoors is are based on 10 x 10 increments. It does not include tables, chairs or canopies. In addition, there is a strict "no oozing" outside you booth policy. 

  • Member - $60*

  • Non-Member - $60* (One-Time Parking Pass Fee of $5)

  • Indoor Garage - $60

  • Garage Table Top - $40

Farm & Food Vendor (All Booths are Required to Report Sales)

  • Food Truck - $75

  • Food Booth - $55

  • Local Farm $45

  • Specialty - $45

2019 Food Application Now Available.  | If it's a Consumable, then you need to apply

  • $45 Jurying Application Fee Required

  • Upon Submission, if Selected, Market Requires Scheduled Tasting


    • Prepared Food (booths, demonstrations, food trucks)

    • Farms

    • Processors & Food Products of Any Type


We appreciate your interest in our markets. We are currently accepting applications for our Fremont Sunday Market, South Lake Union Saturday Market, SLU Wednesday Market and Magnuson Park Thursday Market. The application fee allows you to be juried in for both.

Indoor Booths

The market offers 30 indoor spaces that vary in size. Not All spaces have  power outlets for general lighting.  Plan or battery powered lights.

Maximum power is 300 watts.

  • Booth | 9' x 15 - $60

  • Table Top | 6' Table - $40

What Can I Sell at the Market

The Fremont Sunday Market is an open market place that does not jury vendor merchandise, except for prepared foods and any related consumables. The market is open to everyone providing your merchandise fits within our guide lines.

We’re open to crafts, world imports, artwork,  entrepreneurial products you invented yourself. We also love and encourage vintage, antiques, clothing, fashion, accessories, furnishings, books, tools, and toys. We do from time to time limit certain items.

Certain categories are prohibited:

  • No Drugs, including cannabis products

  • Weapons

  • Pornography

  • No Sales of Pets

  • Stolen / illegal merchandise

  • Multi-Level enterprises

  • No Legal services

  • Franchise operations

  • Religious and Political Soliciting

  • Professional Services ( real-estate etc.)

  • Dollar store items and brand merchandise is highly discouraged.

For more information or inquiries regarding the acceptability of your products or services. Please email us on our CONTACT US page

Non-Profit Policy

We  support local 501 3 (c) charities  and in most cases for free. We offer booth and table tops on space-available basis after 9:30am.

Placement is or location is NOT guaranteed, especially in the summer months. In the interest of fairness; one time per month, per organization, is usually practiced. Proof of non -rofit status is required ( letter) Non-Profits are not allowed to sell products and all give aways must be pre approved.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we do. All transactions are subject to a 3.9% transaction fee through our SQUARE register. 

How Do I Vend at Market?


View 2018 Market Site Map

First Time = Non-Member

If you have never vended at the Market, then you would be non-member status.

Here's How You Get Started:

  • Find street parking (never park on the market street)

  • Go to the Front desk, under the Red Door to sign-in. All non- members MUST read and agree with Vendor Waiver Liability Policy and Rules by signing the form before receiving a space.

Our Desk Manager will slot non-members on a first come, first served basis when non-member placements begins at 8:00am

  • Purchase your space, then drive your vehicle next to your space, entering the market from the WEST end on Phinney. Ave N.

  • Park on the South side of the street in this one-way traffic pattern and unload as quickly as possible. Drive to the convenient parking area across the street. 10 minute limit on the market street.

  • Come back and set up and have a great day.

  • At the end of the day pack up, box up and be ready to load and then go get your vehicle.

  • Leave no trace or you'll pay a surcharge next time you vend. No boxes in our trash— if you bring it; take it back with you.

  • Return any tables you rent to the front desk.


Market Address

The Fremont Sunday Market is located at the corner of 3410 Evanston Ave North and North 34th street 98103. The Front desk is located at the steps of the Red Door Ale House across from the PCC Market.


Do I Need A Business License to Vend?

YES. After the first two times the City of Seattle requires people vending regularly to have the following documents to vend. 

Click the link below for more information:

Becoming A FSM Member

After vending twice in one calendar year you are required to have a market membership.

  • Membership  is $35 per calendar year until April 1st. $50 otherwise.

    Here's your membership benefits:

  • You may continue to sale at the market

  • Priority Booth Selection in the morning

  • Booth Reservations

  • Two-for-one spaces in winter

  • Extra Smiles

  • Newsletter updates

  • Special event member discounts

First Timer and Want to Be A Member? 

Every first time vendor has the opportunity to become a member their first day. City Business License and UBI are required.  The market recommends trying out the market at least once before purchasing a membership.

Prepared Food applicants have a different member process. Please inquire in person about jurying your food concept with us first.

Do We Provide Electricity?

Electricity is not provided outside the Parking garage. Whisper Quiet Generators are allowed, on a pre-approval  basis. Coolers and propane are the answers in most cases.

Are Dogs Allowed? 

NO VENDOR PETS allowed on-site or at your booth or inside your vehicle. Sorry. This is an insurance liability issue and non- negotiable. Penalties will apply. Guide animals with paperwork are allowed.

Thanks for your understanding.

What Is Our Weather Policy?

We have a "Rain or Shine" policy and require vendors to stay set-up for the hours of operation. We do not provide refunds, roll-overs or rain checks for any vendors.

Where Do You Park?

 If you are arriving for the first time, please DO NOT park inside the market along 34th Street. Your car may be may be mistakenly towed or parked in a fellow vendors spot.

Please park outside the market until you are assigned a booth space.  The market has vendor parking next to the market.

One-time $5.00 for Vendor Parking Pass. ( limit 1 per vehicle)

Replacement/Additional Pass Fee: $5.00

All vendors are required to use vendor parking. No Parking on surrounding public streets in order to comply with our goodwill neighborhood restrictions. Street parking occupies a space for a whole day which defeats customer access and convenience. Fines apply for non-compliance.

Hours of Operation

Public Market Hours

  • Year Round Market Market

  • Hours: 10:00 - 4:00PM

Information Desk Hours

  • Open 7:00AM - 12:00PM

  • Closed 12:00 - 2:00PM

  • Open 2:00 - 4:00PM

Can I Sign-Up During the Week?

Yes! We do allow for members to pre-book during the week for an additional charge of $25. otherwise all reservations will be done during market hours on Sunday.

Reserving Your Booth (for Members)

If you love your current booth space. Please make sure to pre-pay for your current  space before 12:00pm. After 2pm, unreserved booth spaces will be available for all members to book. Non-members cannot make reservations forward.

Accepted Payment

The market accepts the following as payment for booths. 

  • Checks (Members Only)

  • Cash

  • Credit Card



Prepared Food Policy

I Have a Food Booth. Now What?

All Potential Food/Beverage must fill out

Food Application: Link Above 


Interested? Please Email vendor@nwmarketplaces.com

All prepared food booths must be juried by Market staff prior to start date. No Drop-ins are allowed without an approved 2019 application and tasting.

If you want to be considered to sell your prepared food at the market you must follow this process:

Jury Process by Appointment.

  1. Email Ryan Reiter for a food application

  2. Arrange a brief Interview in person. Bring your application and proposed food menu and booth concept to the market front desk any Sunday from 2pm-4pm

  3. Request a Menu Tasting for consideration.

  4. Upon tasting date confirmation. Prospective vendors are required to bring food samples on your menu for 5 people.


General Policy

The market food court is diverse and offers a international showcase of street food for our patrons. We favor quality, professional presentation and culinary experience in our selection.

NO DUPLICATION OF MENU. The market does not allow duplication of any prepared food item. Good idea to visit the market to understand whats being sold here.

WOW FACTOR The market looks for unique and appealing variety of offerings, to serve as an anchor for weekly Foodie customers to discover and experience.


Foods Prepared at Home: NO

Food Made in Certified Commercial Kitchen with labels:  YES

King County Health Dept. Permitted Prepared Hot Food: YES

Non-Hazarous foods: YES

Pre-packaged commercial foods: YES.

Food Vendor Restrooms

All vendors serving prepared foods or sampling, MUST use the designated restroom for their employees 

The restroom is located under neath the Red Door. Entrance is through the alley and the door is marked with a yellow square. 

If the door is locked, please notify a staff member. 

No No's—Dumping Ice or Dirty water In the Street or Landscape

Water with soap, bleach, orothercontaminantsmustbedisposedofin asinkplumbedtothesewer,  in the garage, ortakenhome. Stiff penalties apply.

Check with market staff for directions for disposal of clean water (for flowers) or ice

Food Booth  | 10 x 10 

Approved vendors will have a 10 x 10' booth space. Canopies and electrical are not provided by the market. Ultra-quiet generators will be considered, but must be approved by market staff.

All Food vendors pay on a percentage system.

Food Trucks 

Must go through the same jury process as food booths and will pay on a percentage system.  All trucks are scheduled in advance.


The market allows for any food vendors to sample their food, be it pre-pckaged or prepared on-site. 

Health Department Requirements

The City of Seattle's health Department requires every participating food vendor at our market to follow the following guidelines prior to selling

  • City of Seattle Health Permit

  • Food Handlers Permit for All Employees

  • Approved Certified Kitchen

  • Hand Wash Unit

  • Additional Insured Coverage for Market

ALL FOOD VENDORS MUST KNOW AND COMPLY WITH EVERY GUIDELINE AND REGULATION of the USDA, FDA, WSDA, City of Seattle, the Public Health Seattle & King County, and any other legal authority with jurisdiction  over  their products.  Processed  foods  require  labels  that  comply  with  all  state  and  local  labeling codes. SAMPLING RULES requires a hand wash set-up and sneeze guards that will be approved according to specifications of the Public

DOCUMENTS ON SITE AT ALL TIMES a copy of every license/permit legally required to conduct business from the WSDA/USDA, State  of  Washington,  King  County,  and  City  of  Seattle.

Check  with  market  manager  for  directions  to access  plumbed  facilities  when  necessary.

For more information please reach out to King County Health Department.


General Policy

Amplified Music Policy

The Market does not allow amplified music of any kind without staff approval.

Furthermore, vendors that wish to play music MUST get written sign off from their neighboring booths on both sides and directly across from them to gain permission. This all about due consideration of your wonderful neighbors. If they have to listen to your music,be sure you listen to them too.


All sidewalks and fire lanes must be clear at all times.

Vendors may sit in chairs in the side walk without obstructing pedestrian traffic or wheel chairs passage. Vendors displays and products must fit within their booth space. A $50 penalty may apply for repeat disregard. We strongly recommend you design your display so that products accommodate the space. We also recommend buying a second booth.

SAFETY  IS  PARAMOUNT  IN  ALL  OPERATIONS  OF  THE  MARKET. We have a perfect Safety record from 1990 because we take it seriously. Please take our traffic monitors and staff respectfully as well.

No Early Breakdowns

Everyone is required to stay toll the end of the market. Permission for early departure must be arranged the  market  manager  in advance and only in special circumstances.

Fines and Penalties

With regret: for those without respect for the Market mission, safety regulations, their fellow vendors, common sense rules, professional behavior, spirit of cooperation or legal ethic  the market has an escalating scale of fines and penalties. All fines must be paid before a vendor will be allowed to sell again at the market. Penalties range from suspension to termination of vendor privileges.

No Hawking

Vendors will be discouraged from speaking louder than a conversational tone to customers. Sampling is to be offered from the vendor space only.

Disparaging other vendors products is NOT an acceptable selling technique.  Vendors should keep in mind that diversity and creativity is a goal of the market, and variety is encouraged; politeness and respectful regard for other vendors products is expected as part of professional selling demeanor.

Haul it All Home.

Please take your Trash with you, and leave your space clean.

This includes all  trash,  food bits,  and  recycling.

Every  vendor  is responsible for keeping their vendor space clean and attractive during the day and leaving the space clean at the end of the day.  A tarp, broom, and garbage bags should be part of your equipment.  The trash bins are for market  visitors only.  Every  vendor  is  expected  to leave  NO TRACE/ NO MESS  behind at  the  end  of  the  day.


To any vendor stuffing any market trash bins, or leaving a mess behind at end of day  All fines must be paid before vendor will be allowed to sell again at the market.



Members are allowed to share a booth with a fellow MEMBER vendor. How a vendor (s) wants to display and set-up within their shared space in between them.

Always Secure Your valuables

Don't  leave  cash  box  on  your  front  table  or  unattended  at  anytime. While rare, most crimes occur because of a perceived easy opportunity.

Canopy  Weights Are Required to Vend

No weights =no Canopy.

Because of  wind gusts, all canopies must be tethered to 20 lb weights on each leg. Tethered means securely tied down.  20 lbs is the equivalent of a two gallon jug of water.  (See CANOPY SAFETY 101 Guidelines  attached Downloadable Documents).