Meet Me at the Market | Tandoozy

We are proud to continue introducing our readers to our community of amazingly-talented vendors and artisans that sell at the market every week. This week we are delighted to share one of long time food vendors, Craig Ackerman, co-founder of Tandoozy that serves an authentic Tandoori pop-up weekly at the Fremont Sunday Market and other local farmers markets around the city. Find out why his culinary talents are a must try when visiting our market!


Tandoozy is Seattle’s only Tandoori Food Stand!  We use the finest ingredients to bring you one of the most unique street food experiences in the Pacific Northwest. You can find us here on the days indicated.


Fresh Naan, Dhal, Chicken Tikka Masala and Mango Chutney.  Smokin’ hot tandoors, everything Vegan, aside from the chicken, which is halal


We marinate the chicken tikka in fruit juice and freshly ground, dry-roasted spices. At the markets, we cook the skewered chicken tikka in our tandoor ovens. The cooked chicken is then added to the tomato-based spiced sauce (yes, we make that also “from scratch”), so turning it into “Chicken Tikka Masala”.

Our food is ‘spiced’ using a variety of Indian spices, but it is not ‘hot’ at any rate. We have cayenne on site if you would like to add some heat :).


The naan bread is baked on-site in our dedicated “for bread only“ tandoor oven. Naan is best fresh out of the tandoor, and we like to serve it up right from the fire onto your plate – with a brush of some olive oil, balsamic, garlic and cilantro if you like. We call that mix “The Green Stuff”.


The most popular way to eat our food is “on the naan”: The oven-hot naan is brushed with “The Green Stuff”, and the toppings you select are put on the naan. Our menu is small:  Chicken tikka masala, red lentil dhal, basmati rice and mango chutney. “On the naan” is a convenient way to eat while sitting on the sidewalk, standing or strolling, and the naan soaks up the lovely flavors of the food. Grab some napkins! If you prefer a plate or a box: No problem.


The wholesome and flavorful vegan red lentil dhal curry, served as a vegetable side to the chicken tikka masala, and as protein source for our non-meat-eating guests. Our naan is made from Washington flour from our friends at Shepherd’s Grain.


You can reach us . Click on the Twitter and Facebook badges to follow us on social media, though, you can’t taste the naan there, for that come find us at the Farmers Markets!

Meet Me At the Market | All About Cookies

Our 4th installment of the Meet Me at the Market features Pamela Rose from one of our popular  specialty food vendors, All About Cookies. Pamela generally vends at our market during the peak summer months, due to teaching at the University of Washington. 

Tell Us About Your Business and Products

All About Cookies is a micro wholesale bakery located in the heart of Seattle.  We've been making delicious gourmet cookies in over 30 different flavors for 13 years!  We distribute to local coffee shops such as the Chocolati Cafes, and cater large events for clients such as Boeing and the University of Washington, as well as selling our cookies all summer at the Market.  We are very proud of the products we make, we strive to be locally sourced and organic when possible, and when it comes to flavor, we go all out!  Over the course of our time selling at the market, we've become known for our variety and creativity- with flavors like Peanut Butter Bacon, Ginger Lime, Triple Mint Fudge, Apricot Orange White Chocolate Macaroons, Chocolate Cherry, Habanero Fudge plus our S'Mores and Lemon Bars, we have folks come back again and again for our cookies!  It was our pleasure to take part in the Food Truck Rally and we're very excited for Dragon Fest 2014 and the Seattle Street Food Festival.  We love making cookies almost as much as we love people enjoying them!

How has the Fremont Sunday Market Helped your Business? 

We’ve really enjoyed our four years selling at the Fremont Sunday Market.  From a personal standpoint, t’s been wonderful to sell to customers directly, to share stories and be a part of the community.  We love meeting vendors, talking to other local artisans about their products, and seeing the endless parade of adorable dogs and kids, so it’s given the business a great new facet.  From a more practical standpoint, while the wholesale aspect of the business has been our bread and butter, the exposure of physically being there every week has made us much more accessible to our customers, and puts a face to our products.  Ideas for new products flood in from our regulars, and it’s led to some awesome creations!  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Tell Us Something Unique or Interesting About Your Business.

The owner and baker of All About Cookies, Pamela Rose, began baking gingerbread for her family on an antique wood stove in a remote cabin in Alaska.  Now she bakes in a commercial kitchen in the basement of a beautiful old Victorian house where she now lives in Fremont.  Sharing food, and baking for people has been more than a tradition– it’s a way of life.  Pam isn’t just an excellent baker, she is a brilliant and resourceful cook, and can be found any night of week whipping up a heck of a dinner.  She has even considered putting together a cook book from all of her culinary adventures (but those of us who get to enjoy the food she makes want to keep her secrets to ourselves!)

Meet Me at the Market | Cellar Door Mercantile

Welcome to the official blog of the Fremont Sunday Market. Our second featured vendor spotlight is Cellar Door Mercantile, owned by Justin and Adam Allan-Spencer based in Seattle, Washington.

Tell Us About Your Business

Cellar Door Mercantile specializes in eco-friendly screen-printed apparel items, posters, and greeting cards with a subtle good-natured and intelligent humor. We aim to have high-quality and fashionable goods that are fresh, unique, and spirited.  All designs are created by partners Justin and Adam. We screen-print using only eco-friendly water-based inks. For our apparel items, we select fashionable, well-constructed items, with an emphasis on eco-friendly and organic fabrics, items manufactured in the United States or from companies with proven commitments to social responsibility.  

For our paper goods, we use only FSC Certified papers from French Paper Company, a leader in high-quality, eco-friendly American-made papers.  Our design voice is fashionable and modern, with a subtle good-natured and intelligent humor. With fine fabrics and papers, customers are first taken with our great and clean design.

Upon closer inspection, they discover little jewels of humor that only add to their appreciation.   While we focus primarily on men's and unisex apparel, our designs appeal to all genders and a broad range of people.

How Has the Fremont Sunday Market helped Your Business

We consider the Fremont Sunday Market our home; the lively atmosphere, the bustling crowds, and the friendly venders have made every Sunday a pleasure. We’ve grown from a small tee-shirt vendor with one rack of clothes, to a full-fledged print shop with a wide range of items – thanks to the support of the enthusiastic Fremont Market customers.

Tell Us Something Unique About Our Business

We design and print all of our items and manage our business from our tiny home studio - a 600 square foot condo on First Hill.

Want more Information about our featured vendor, Cellar Door Mercantile? Visit them online at or email them directly at email - human @ cellardoormercantile . You can also catch them weekly at the Fremont Sunday Market.

Meet Me At the Market | Seattle Pops

Seattle Pops | All Natural Frozen Pops


Seattle Pops makes Delicious & All-Natural frozen pops with fresh and local ingredients. Our Pops are Fruity or Creamy, the Fruity Pops are all fruit based and vegan, our Creamy Pops are dairy based and a lot like ice cream bars.


The FSM has helped put Seattle Pops on the map as the premier Frozen Pops in Seattle. We are able to meet all sorts of people from Seattle and other parts of the country. We really enjoy getting to know our customers at the FSM, they give us great feedback and suggestions.


Seattle Pops is run by two daughters and their dad, we all grew up in Colorado and now are all living in Seattle. Megan & Lindsey went to school in Tacoma, WA at the University of Puget Sound and have been in the Seattle area since. The three of us (Dave, Lindsey & Megan) do all of the pop making, selling, ordering, bagging, and so on!

Seattle Pops.JPG

Want more information on Seattle Pops? Please go to their website at or like their Facebook page. Interested in getting your hands on their delcious products? Email Megan and the team at info (at)